Everfree Update

Contains all of last month’s past updates. You all have really been active lately.


Everfree 2.0 - Full Game

After downloading AAO 1.4, download this:




…Yes there’s a hotfix already, shush.

(Hotfix should contain: Lana, Iron Will, and Sweetie Char.ini’s and Octavia, Wellington’s emotion folder. If not, redownload it.)

This contains literally every file you would ever need to play on my server (and most other servers) as with the update, our roster of characters has now shot up to 75 playable characters!

We also have 3 new moderators:




These people will be able to kick and ban you so be wary! Muhah. No, I kid, but yes we now have moderation….

(Note: All patches are no longer working. This is literally the only thing you need until further patching comes along.)

Hotfix Updates

Hotfix now includes vital server components such as all the custom music, updates to characters, background, and latest updates. Please download it to ensure a steady and errorless gameplay.


Server Updates!

This server features custom content made by it’s players and the administrator. In order to play, you must have the following.

Last Update: 2/9/2013

Change Log (2/9/2013)

+++ Combined Hobo-Phoenix with Co-Hobo. An attempt at a multi-position character.

++ Added Animations for Twilight Sparkle, Derpy, Filma, Klavier, and Discord etc*
++ Spiderman added
++ Applebloom Added
++ Fixed Co-Hobo’s background issue (Background was a part of the sprite)
++ Hobo Phoenix no longer errors
+ Added Shining Armor vocal sounds (Provided by Herodyne[Layton])
+ Roster Update

+ Fixed April May’s icon error

*Manioo8’s patch is within this one in order to minimize errors.


Cupworth V.1.2:


Latest Patch:


Hotfix (Required!)


(Hotfix has been updated as of 2/10/2013, please download again.)

The server is always updating, so check back here often!

Hiring Moderators.

Along with a rule set, we are also going to be hiring two moderators in conjunction to server time. Server time is Central, therefore we will need a moderator during the day and night. This is only a temporary position at the moment and does not come with any particular merits other than being recognized as a watchful eye.

In order to vote you must be a common member of the community.

To make things easier, here is a list of members currently eligible for a moderator position:

Non Locale:
Shining Armor

Sweetie Belle

Message me with who you think should be a moderator and why.
You can choose anyone, including yourself, though be mindful that this is the server YOU play on.
Choosing someone who can alert me to misconduct is not something you should dally on. Pick someone you feel is trustworthy.

Voting shall run from the moment this post has been made until the next update, which will be 9:00PM Server Time, Saturday, Februrary 9th.

Send all votes to Layton via Skype at Skypename: Herodyne

Rules and Regulations

We now have a set list of rules. Please visit the Rules and Regulations page for more information. All rules are set in stone and breaking these rules are punishable. Sanctions have also been set in place as well.


Not a massive one, mind you, but its still an update. The last post has been updated so be sure to visit the page and download the new Hotfix!

Download Links!

This server features custom content made by it’s players and the administrator. In order to play, you must have the following.

Last Update: 2/9/2013

Cupworth V.1.2:


Latest Patch:


The server is always updating, so check back here often!


Every now and again, the server admin tests the wits of the players by bringing a puzzle from the Professor Layton games to the server.While it may be for fun, there are a few things you can win if you reach a certain number of Picarats… Perhaps even unlocking a special playable character?

Now that you have an idea, what kinds of puzzles you might ask?

They typically are word puzzles that take some figuring out or even a bit of mathematical ingeniousness. Each Puzzle has it’s own worth in Picarats. Picarats are both a currency and scoring system during Puzzles with Layton.

How to play:

Before knowing how to play, there

Tornadopilot2 :  275
(3 hint coins left)

fank009: 255
(3 hint coins left)

RisingDefense: 130
(2 hint coins left)

Great9star: 82
(1 hint coin left)

Trane: 40

(2 hint coins left)

Zephyr: 15
(1 hint coin left)

Abody: 10

Do not shout your answer out.
Hints will reduce the amount of Picarat you win.

When you have your answer, say “I got it.”

After the countdown, be prepared to reveal your answer, revealing too slowly will result in a penalty, and you will sit out of the next puzzle.

Hint Coin System:
New Players! : One Free Hint until first puzzle solved.
Until 100 Picarats:  One Free Hint with every solved puzzle.